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First off, I  just want to thank everyone who participated in the Freedom Giveaway Hop. I’m glad that most people really like the Pretty Little Liars series on ABC Family. I love it, too. It’s so entertaining. I’m glad that I picked a book that the lucky winner will enjoy.

I have to admit I sorta forgot I was participating in a read-a-thon. Luckily, I wrote it down in my phone calendar and a reminder popped up this morning. This is my first time participating in such an event so I’m looking forward to it.  For this three-day event, I’m going to move away from the young adult section and paranormal themes. I’m going to be reading some adult books. The first on the list is Mystic River by Dennis Lehane, follow by The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien.  For now, those two books are the only ones on the list. Depending on how my reading goes, I’ll add more.


In response to Ib Blogging Mini-Challenge:
1. What is your favorite type of myth?
I have to say it is Greek/Roman mythology. They are basically the same myths except the Romans changed the names of the Greek gods and kept the same storyline. It’s fun to read them because I’m always interchanging them in my head. It’s Hera and Juno. Ares and Mars.

2. What is your favorite book with some mythology?
I really can’t recall a favorite book with mythology involved, probably because at the moment, I can only recall the myths. So, how about I mentioned the last book that I read that has some mythology in it. It would be Werewolf Descent by Elizabeth J. Kolodziej. It has the Goddess Circe and Aphrodite.

With that being done, I’ll post updates on this post later on in the day. Wish me luck.