I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July and enjoyed the fireworks. I know I sure did. I have fantastic news and some bad news.

The fantastic news is that my sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I’m an aunt! Whoo! Everyone is really excited to have both of them home. He makes the funniest faces. Lol.

The bad news is that I’m going to be taking this week for off. Just to be of help to my sister and enjoy my time with them. Plus, having a new baby in the family means having to show off the baby. Relatives coming over to see the baby. So I’m just taking this week off to settle down into a new lifestyle.

So, those are my news that are going to affect my blog. On the bright side,  I’m going to be reviewing In My Dreams by Cameo Renae as part of The In My Dreams Experience Tour and I’m having Lisa Darling, author of Heart of War, do a guest post on paranormal romance. It’s going to be first one here.

Before I forget, because I’m taking the week off. I will pick the winner of the Freedom Giveaway by Friday and post it along with My Birthday Giveaway winner. Winners will be posted sometimes later this week. I’m so sorry about that. There is a cute, little, adorable, fluffy baby that has captivated my attention. I appreciate everyone being so patient with me waiting for the winner announcement and book reviews.

See you guys soon!