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I have not been doing much reading on Fanfiction so I decided to post the most obscure or crack couple that I actually like. I love pairings that most people cannot see together such as the couples in the stories I listed. But also OrihimeXUrahara from Bleach, HermioneXDraco from Harry Potter, HarryXLuna from Harry Potter (forget Ginny), SakunoXTezuka from The Prince of Tennis, Risa HawkeyeX Jean Havoc from Fullmetal Alchemist  and so on. I love random couples and these are some of the couples that do not have enough stories that are complete (or that I like) to warrant their own posts.

Gone by Hotarukun
Viral and Yoko from Gurren Laggan. Yeah, they are a crack couple and I would love to read more stories about them. Viral is drunk when he visits Yoko. One-shot. Rated T

Viral and Yoko by Spooky Sensei

Eyes by Artemis Bloodshadow
Risa and Satoshi from DN Angel.  Actually, this is not a crack couple but it has Risa with Krad which is the crack couple. A Two-shot. Rated T.

Bullet With Butterfly Wings by fuzzibunniez
Byakuya and Orihime from Bleach. I really like this couple and this is one of the few multiple chapters stories that is fully completed. Be forewarned that it is AU (alternate universe) and is rated M for violence and sex scenes.
Byakuya is a vampire hunter that falls in love in Orihime and by doing so, discovers dark secrets his coven has been keeping.

Byakuya & Orihime by Amalie San