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Touched By An Alien by Gini Koch. Kitty Katt has just discovered her world is infiltrated by aliens who are keen on protecting humans from evil aliens, superbeings. Having killed one superbeing, she begins a descend into this new world where the alien men are good-looking and the alien women are geniuses by nature. If only superbeings weren’t intend on killing her.


This was my first reading into the aliens fantasy genre. It certainly does not disappoint. Actually, it does a little but just a little because it falls into some clichés that I personally have a distain for but are not bad in general.

I thought it was interesting that the aliens who came to to Earth were religiously persecuted and exiled from their home planet, Alpha Centurion. It’s a great way to humanize the aliens (although part of me, sees it a little bit as a cult).  I know it’s not or at least Koch tells me it’s not by which religion she draws similarities from. That’s a real good way to implement religion.

Of course, this being a fantasy series, all the men are gorgeous and so are the women.  Jeff Martini being Kitty’s love interest; he is a fun guy to read, an empath, and he has great bantering skills. He keeps the conversation at a flirtatious level most of the time. Christopher is his best friend and also has an interest in Kitty (which is ridiculous because he never showed an interest in her other than hating her and being rude to her). I guess we are led to believe in that mentality that “boys hurt the ones they love the most” which is true for boys in elementary but Christopher is  an “adult male” and he is acting like a school boy. Really?  The romance was quirky fun between Kitty and Jeff that I did not understand why Koch would force Christopher to have an interest in Kitty. It probably would have been better if Christopher and Kitty had continue to have angry bantering or just remained as frenimies. That would have been fun.

The disappointing part is over. In the final battle, all the decisions were left to Kitty who really has no experience in fighting aliens yet all of her decisions make sense. It’s an ear alien, so blast loud music. A slug alien…dump salt water on it. Her lack of experience is probably why she was the best person to lead the team. She went basic and simple which is great because so far the book has had complex backgrounds and storylines. It was refreshing to see.

I really like the women were super smart and liked smart men (because I love nerds). Claudia and Lorraine were fun to read and proved to the men that women could be on the field  even if the men disagree with that idea.  Kitty is a strong women who demanded answers from the AC men and got them. She may have been sexually submissive but that’s a different ballpark that I don’t deal with. The good thing is that sex scenes did not dominate the book.

Overall, good story line, strong female characters, really fun bantering between Kitty and most of the characters and some good surprises in store.

Worth Reading

Worth Reading

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