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Werewolf Descent is the second book in The Last Witch Series by Elizabeth J. Kolodziej. Faith and Trent are finally moving in together when they are interrupted by Morgan, Master of Vampires. A psychic vampire is coming to town and she fears he has an interest in Faith. To make matters worse, Zou Tai drags Faith and Trent into the helping him solve the strange deaths being experienced by werewolves. With all this commotions going on, Faith ad Trent will have to put their relationship to the test.


I thought this was a great continuation of the first book. It expanded the world Kolodziej created by giving more background of the werewolves and on the vampires. I was glad to see the new characters especially Lilith and Vincent (And I cannot help but to picture John Travolta from Pulp Fiction).

I’m on the fence about Vincent as a love interest for Faith because of the other character’s perspective of him. His personality does not match the the fear (maybe hatred) he elicits in others. Yes, he is a psychic vampire and the only one of his kind but he does not seem to be a threat (other than to Faith because both of their auras are “sensitive” to each other). Plus, I just cannot get a stable vibe from him. I cannot pigeonholed him into a “category” of the type of man that he is. I am curious as to what type of background Kolodziej created for him that will explained the overall reaction to Vincent. Is the fear cause by an act Vincent did in his past? Is the fear cause because no one bothers to understands him? Or is the fear cause because he is the only one of kind? Maybe it is not fear but I feel there might be a deeper explanation as to why there is a strong negative reaction to him.

I usually criticize authors who rely on sex scenes and I usually don’t discuss sex scenes but I’m doing a turn here. The first sex scene (out of 4) in this book was way more explicit than in the first book, Vampyre Kisses. I feel this is actually an improvement in Kolodziej’s writing because she is not as timid in describing sex and feels more comfortable in writing about it. The good thing is that in later sex scenes that explicitness decreases but not the intensity.

I have to admit I was not expecting the ending. It was a great twist. While it’s great, I feel it gives away the plot for the third book which is not going to be published until next year. It’s bittersweet because I’m suspecting at least five plot events happening in the third book, Witch Devotions and I know they are going to happen because this book alludes to them. How they will occur, I have no idea but they will happen.

Overall, I like the book, the introduction of the psychic vampire Vincent and the background of the werewolves. I did not like Faith’s use “sloppy frog” in regards to Vincent (seems out of character for her plus he is a hottie…I think) but the writing was tighter, more focused.  I still got confused by the changes in POV on occasion. Kept forgetting in whose heads I was in.  In general, I did enjoy the book and I will be picking up the third book when it comes out.

Worth Reading

Worth Reading

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