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A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands is the first book in her Argeneau Series. Lissianna has a problem. She is a vampire that is afraid of blood. To help her, her mother kidnaps Dr. Greg to help cure her but sparks start to fly. Now the doctor just has to help her to keep his life and try not to fall for her.


I found out that this particular series is written out of order which I find extremely weird. Imagine reading one book where a particular couple is married and the next book published has that same couple barely meeting each other. That is just confusing and I’m not sure if this is an issue with this series but just knowing this makes me weary of going ahead and reading this series.

I actually did not like this book very much. There is something disturbing that I find in the vampires calling “sweet tooth” people who have undiagnosed diabetes.  There is also way too many characters that are young and always with Lissianna. That would not be a problem if they were different from each other.  Unfortunately, they just blur together and formed one cousin except Thomas who I remembered because of his Spider-Man pajamas. Plus, I have issues with the way Lissianna was portrayed. She was created as a character who’s only flaw is that she is afraid of blood. All the cousins said she was so nice and lovely but I never saw that. We were told who she was instead of being shown who she was. And I am not even going into the villain of this book.

One aspect that I’m having a love and hate relationship is the world-building of it. Lissianna explained that vampires are actually products of nanotechnology from Atlantis that constantly create new cells. Vampirism is explained biologically and I like the explanation. My issue comes in that it’s too much information, too fast. My brain is overloaded with new reasons for the existence of vampires. I love learning the new vampire worlds authors create but its too much at once.

I think that one of the reasons I will continue to read this series (besides most reviewers on Amazon saying the second book is way better than this one) is Lucius. I love his name and he has a great personality. He steals the scenes he was in. And I swear it’s not because I keep seeing Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter (although that may have a part.) Lol. Yes, I really like his character though because he appears to be those cold-standing guys that have inner turmoil. I love stoic guys and he looks like one.

3 Fleur de lis-Good but lacks spice

3 Fleur de lis
33rd book in the 100+ Reading Challenge