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Vampire Academy is the first book in the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead. Rose and Lissa are forced to return to St. Vladimir Academy after being on the run for two years. On their return, they find things have changed and someone is set on hurting Lissa.


I have heard great things about this series so I finally started reading it. I have to admit it does not disappoint.  The story starts in the middle of a runaway situation but it gets explained later on. We have Rose who is a dhampir and Lissa, a Moroi (which just means full-blooded vampire). They have an interesting connection in that Rose can slipped into Lissa’s mind and feel her feelings.

I think it was an interesting division between the type of vampires that exist and their abilities. We have the Moroi who are alive and good vampires versus the Strigoi who are undead and evil vampires (if you maintain to a common belief). Plus, the Moroi have unique control over certain elements. Christian is a fire magic user and a romantic interest for Lissa which Rose does not like because of Christian’s history. Essentially, the Moroi rely on the dhampirs to protect them from the Strigoi. And Rose wishes to become Lissa’s personal bodyguard which she can since she is a dhampir.

What I like the most is that most of the characters actually drove the plot forward. We have Natalie, Lissa’s cousin, who basically mentally tortures Lissa. Mia, who drives Lissa to a near suicide attempt but through it, Rose reveals Lissa’s element to the adults of St. Vladimir Academy. Christian, who befriends Lissa and is a close friend. Dimitri, who trains Rose so she can become a Guardian.

Dimitri is a hot, Russian guy. I really like him but I have always been attracted to stoic, appearing cold-standing guy. In all seriousness, I think he has a great background. His mother was a blood whore but taught him well. Dimitri did beat up his dad when he was capable of doing so. But in general, I just love his name. I love names start with the letter D.

The one thing that I have an issue is the blood drinking during sex. In my head, to allow a vampire to drink blood during sex is erotic or romantic. It’s a way of showing trust. Mead turns it on its heels. Blood drinking during sex is considered whorish and cannibalism between vampires who drink from other vampires. I do not like it but it’s a new twist so it’s cool.

The twists are amazing as well. I honestly did not expect the ending of this book or who the villain was. Overall, it’s a great start to a series.

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