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Entwined by Heather Dixon. It is a revamped version of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Azalea and her sisters are in mourning for their recently deceased mother and are prohibited from dancing. To get around the rules of mourning, they dance in a secret passage with Keeper. Unfortunately, there is more to Keeper than meets the eye and he has sinister plans for the young princesses.

I love reading new versions of classic fairy tales and this was a great version. A lot less bloody as well. In the Grimm’s tale, the men who come to solve the riddle tend to lose their heads if they failed to find the answer. The riddle being where the secret passage is

It was interesting to see that all the girls were named after flowers-Azalea, Bramble, Clover, Lily and so on. Not all the princesses were well developed but just given a quirk to identify them by. The most developed are Azalea (as the oldest princess), Bramble( as a wild child) and Clover (a sweetheart) and the rest of the princess just had their names which I never really remembered. However, this is more than what the Brothers gave us with their tale. The first three princess were quite different from each other and easy to identify. I love how the princes/men who came to solve the riddle of where the girls danced were well-developed and quite different from each other. Lord Teddy is outright hilarious and Lord Bradford is a quiet and gentle man.

Keeper was an curious character. I fell for him right away. (In my head, he looked like the butler from Black Butler). I have the tendency to like the villains most of the time but only at first. I actually was not expecting him to be the villain, I thought he would be a romantic interest for Azalea. I was disappointed in that aspect but he was a great villain overall. He was dark and gothic in his own way.

The ending was really chaotic but fun to read. There was so much going on. It was also really sweet. Throughout the book, there is this tension between the princesses and the King, their father, that is finally resolve when the princesses understand where the King’s thoughts on mourning come from. It was well thought out.

Overall, a great revamped version of a classic fairy tale. Like the flower names but Azalea did annoy me a little. Slow to start but fun in general. Well-developed characters that are quite different from each other.

Worth Reading

Worth Reading

4.5 Fluer de lis-Worth Reading
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