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Whooo! I’m out of school for the summer. The reason I had not posted any reviews was the first two weeks of June was finals week so that means writing final papers and studying for my exams. I should have given warning that I was going to be inactive for awhile. Sorry about that.

On the bright side, the giveaway was a huge success and I love the reasons for summers. Thank you air conditioners all over the world. Some of the actors mentioned were interesting to see. Alex Pettyfer was an actor most readers wanted to see play Jace from The Mortal Instruments. I’m definitely looking into some new series mentioned such as The Anne Series by Lucy Maud Montgomery (author of Anne of Green Gables).Thank you to all the participants and subscribers for making my first giveaway a huge success. Soon the winners will be announced so until then keep tight and enjoy the double session of Leonard D. Hilley’s Predators of Darkness: Aftermath.

(As a quick reminder, I like to let you all of you know that I will be hosting my Birthday Giveaway. Rules and Entries to come soon)