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I recently purchased a large quantity of books from Amazon so I could read them over the summer. Project17, Evernight, Stargazer, Memoirs of  A Geisha, The Devil Wears Prada, A Darkly Scanner, The Kouga Ninja Scrolls,  The Poison Diaries, The Ghost and The Goth, Gothic Charm School and so many more. I tend to get lazy over the summer and just stay home; babysitting and playing with my dogs. Actually, I do that all the time when I can. Point being, I like buying books.


I bought Possessions by Nancy Holder. Read the blurb- it’s essentially Mean Girls with a touch of the supernatural  as one reviewer said. Or better yet, the movie The Woods which is directed by Lucky Mckee (great director).  The point being I choose the book because of the cover. It is dark and creepy; a girl’s face is rising from the water and the reflection is visible through the ripples. It is a good cover, really dark.


However, when I get the book, I have a different cover. It’s a brunette girl with flying hair standing in front of a building. WHAT? That does not look similar to the book I bought. I thought Amazon send me the wrong book. I read the blurb and it is the book I bought. The cover is such a disappointment. There is nothing creepy about it or dark (well, just a little creepy with that building). I have not read the book yet but without the cover that drew me to it, the book lacks an element.

I am still going to read it and hopefully, it’s a good book but I still feel a sense of disappointment in not getting what I paid for. I paid for the book thinking that it would come with the first cover and that is what I expected. Instead I have the second cover which the cover does not take anything away from the story but still gives a different feel for the book.