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101 Tips For Traveling With A Vampire by Joleene Naylor is exactly what it sounds as.  Expert tips from Katelina of The Amaranthine Series.


I have no idea what it is with authors starting short stories on the defense and seeking to  antagonize the reader. I had to struggle to get through the first pages so I could reach the tips. Katelina is annoying (more like tries to be sarcastic but cannot pull it off) and on the defense about vampires existing.  She does not like zombies (she insults them with a passion). She dislikes the current view about vampires and proceeds to set the record straight about how to identify a true vampire for the readers. Not the greatest way to make the main character likable.  At least in this short story. This freebie includes a sneak peek into the second book in the series and Katelina appears likeable.

The tips is what I wanted so lets get to it.  The tips are useful even if you are not traveling with a vampire. Basic tips are there even if you are not traveling with a vampire such as carry extra socks, use the complimentary soaps as shampoos, remind your companion that you need the restroom and food. Not so basic tips are how a vampire travels in an airplane in a coffin as your dead relative and not telling your vampire he smells like dead. Plus getting a hotel room with twin beds since one of the bed will be far away from the window. Useful tips. Some of the tips are funny, some are obvious and some are unique.

It’s a short story so it does not count for any of my challenges but I just wanted to read it. I think I’m going to pick up the first book in the series, Shades of Gray.

Good but lacks spice

Book is still free so you can get it at Amazon and feel free to check Joleene Naylor’s Blog