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On Dark Path is a collection of short stories by Andrew Kincaid.


There are thirteen horror stories in total. They are written from three different perspectives – 2 are in the third perspective, 5 in the first perspective, and 6 in the most ignored perspective, the second perspective. I had honestly forgotten that a second perspective exists when it comes to writing because “you” as a character is not something I read usually except in the create-your-own-stories books.

Out of thirteen stories, only two actually scared me and made me afraid of going to sleep and one story just made me think.  Bear in mind, I’m a horror film and book fan so I have a higher tolerance for scary stuff. Plus, Kincaid’s monsters are not creatures that can labeled as “vampire, ghost, ghoul, demon.” There is no previous monster that can be associated with the monsters within the book. Rather, as readers we have to rely on Kincaid’s descriptions of the monsters and since our imaginations vary from person to person, his monsters can be completely different.

The two that scared me were Beyond The Veil (1st perspective) and It Came At Midnight (2nd perspective). Why? Because they have creatures that haunt and hunt us at night but more importantly, I can relate to this types of stories. It Came At Midnight  should speak to everyone who is afraid to look under the bed at night. I know I am. There is no description of the monster under the bed but Kincaid just built the suspense of what lies there and lets our imagination run wild with what could be there. Beyond The Veil has a monster and while the description is scary, what is more scary is the monster has it eyes set on a new victim and the victim knows it and now has to live in terror of this monster.

Pandemic Hysteria is the one that made me think and the only one that has creatures that can be identify as zombies but they are not. I have to spoil this one in order to talk about it because it has a great premise. And I do not want to. All I will say is “Cotard’s Syndrome” where a living person thinks they are dead.

Overall, the thirteen stories are good stories. Some of them scary, some of them not. One thing- I personally feel there is a lack of commas or mind just really likes to insert commas. And do not read before going to bed or do and suffer a sleepless night.

Worth Reading

Worth Reading

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