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Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner was published in 2009.  It has been twenty years since  the Faerie War occur. Humans are afraid of anyone with faerie magic so they end killing the faerie born.  Lisa fears she may have faerie magic so she runs away and begin to search for her mother who disappeared recently. Along with her is Matthew, a shifter, and Allie, a healer. Together, they must find her mother in an world where magic kills.


This is a post-apocalyptic world novel …I think. 20 years prior, there was war between humans and faeries and I’m pretty sure the humans released  a nuclear bomb since St. Louis is covered in radioactive substance. It’s not really explained what set the war off but we can expect it was due to people being people and rejecting everything that is not human. Oh well, that’s life.

It was a fast read.  We have Liza who is looking for her mother, Kate, who kept too many secrets from her but Liza is slowly learning about it through her visions. Really like that because her visions provide details that we wouldn’t have known.  It also shows how two different villages adapted to the After. One embrace the magic and educate its people in its usage (that would be town that Allie comes from) and the other one completely shunned it and killed anyone with magic, Liza’s town.

Liza and Matthew head off to St. Louis because that’s where Kate’s vision lead her. Allie trailed behind them and joined against their will but thanks to her, Liza realized that she can bring back the dead if they are unwilling to cross over. She also sees shadows which are the remnants of people’s ghost who are attached to a place because of a great tragedy. They have the ability to harm people so they are quite interesting.  One of the most interesting shadows is that of Liza’s baby sister, Rebecca. She was killed when she was a baby because her father was afraid that she could have faerie blood. Rebecca comes back not to haunt Liza but to provide some closure that she needed. Liza saw the mutilated body of Rebecca and was haunted since. It was a needed factor for Liza to let go of the past and prepare for the future where she does not have to fear faerie magic.

In the end, everyone is reunited. Liza with her mother and Allie with her father Caleb who just happened to be an ex-lover of Kate and a faerie. Rebecca disappears now that Kate and Liza have closure about her death. Magic is embrace a little more in Liza’s town.

Fantastic-Forver in my Shelf

27th book in the 100+ Reading Challenge