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DEAD(ish) by Naomi Kramer. When Linda is murdered by her boyfriend, she becomes a ghost who can’t crossover. She wants to find her body but her boyfriend hid it. She wants her body so she decides to haunt him until he give up the location of the body and mayhem starts.


I got it free for Kindle from Amazon and I wish I had not.  From my understanding, Mike killed his girlfriend, Linda, and Linda  decided not to crossover. She hired Trent, a private investigator, to find her body since it went missing. Apparently, no one actually knew Linda had disappeared or is dead.

The start is just conversations and Mike is really aggressive, loud, rude and on the defense about the murder. He even says the murder was an accident but a weird accident. There is nothing weird about the murder. He slapped her when she was wearing stilettos so she fell and hit her head on a table. She died a couple of hours later. There is nothing weird about intracranial bleeding which is what she died of.

I simply dislike the characters and the way they talked, especially Mike. Plus, there is not a lot of descriptions involve. And the perspective  changes and it’s kinda hard to keep track of who is telling the story because they all sound similar. I do not have a problem with the cussing and there is a lot of it but the story just made hate all the characters.

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