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Blood Pact is the fourth book by Tanya Huff in her Blood Books Series. Vickie’s mom has died and Vickie goes to Kingston to buried her mother. Only one problem, the casket is empty. Now Vickie has to find out where her mother is, who took her, and why. It takes Henry and Mike putting aside their differences to help Vickie through this tough time.


Zombies and vampires; a good combination for Huff especially when the zombie begins to gain a self-awareness. There is nothing like having a consciousness in a rotting body. I really like that Huff is introducing different types paranormal antagonists in every book in the series.

It has a quite intense opening with both Henry and Mike openly saying to Vickie “You cannot commit to being in a relationship but we want a life with you and not share  you.”  Of course, this tension is brought under by Vickie’s mom death and disappearance but it still pushes the story forward. It sporadically pops up .

The zombie is Majorie, Vickie’s mom, but she is really not present in the book even though she is what drives Vickie forward. The zombie that is interesting is the one called Number Nine who gains a consciousness  and falls in love with Caroline, who created the bacteria that reanimates corpses but unfortunately, still suffer decomposition. And she falls in love with him which is disturbing but apparently appropriate for an awkward, anti-social genius who only cares for her work.  So many people die in this book.

I was actually surprised to find that Vickie does end up becoming a vampire. Usually, the lover of the vampire stays human or becomes a vampire in the last book. This is the fourth book out of five so that was a nice twist. I just wished it had more details about her life as a vampire with Henry. In the end, Vickie does not make a choice between Henry and Mike. More like, it was made for her. A vampire newbie can only be with her sire for about a year so Vickie has to leave Henry. She does and goes back to Mike but tells Henry that she will come back to him. She just cannot decide to stay with one man, she wants both.

Worth Reading

Worth Reading

4.5 Fleur de lis
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