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All Together Dead is the seventh book in the Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris. This time around, Sookie finally goes to the long awaited vampire summit. Not everyone is happy that vampires are meeting and intend to disrupt as soon as they can.


For some reason, I’m quite disappointed with this book.  It was not what I expected. The Vampire Summit is important and we get to see more of vampire politics but it’s not that great. Harris points out Hurricane Katrina and it’s effect in this fictional world but she does not include 9/11 and it’s aftermath. She has unidentified suitcases brought into vampire rooms and no one truly finds it suspicious. What! Everywhere we go, we hear “If you see a strange package, please report it.” Why? It could be a bomb and that is exactly what the suitcases are in this book. It baffles me as to why someone would take a suitcases that clearly does not belong to them into their rooms.  Enough of about this idiocy.

I feel Sookie goes nowhere with her relationships. She is still Quinn’s girlfriend but clearly lacks a relationship with him. She does become closer to Eric (which I like) and Bill is still the outcast to her. Overall, it remains the same. This book just  frustrated me to no end. It really does not add to the Sookie storyline. We recently discover that Sookie has fairy blood in her yet it does not come up again. I really do not see the benefit or downfall of having fae blood.

I’m going to keep this short because I am afraid of going into a relentless negative rant about this book. There is a vampire wedding between two vampire kings which is great and the trial against Queen Sophie-Anne which is the center of the book that just dies with excitement (sarcasm). And just the way it ends. It ends with the bombing of the hotel and Sookie and Barry the Bell Boy (from Book 2)  using their telepathy skills to help rescue people. And the bombing was not cause by other vampires but people helping the Fellowship of the Sun (at least in directly). Later, Sookie just drives of into the sunset back to Bon Temps and finds out that Tara has married JB. She has no concern for the vampires and what will happen to her life. Oh, plus in the beginning of the book, Jason married Crystal, a werepanther from Hotshot (the town where Calvin is from).

On the bright side, I did love hearing Pam’s origin story. Pam told Sookie how she became a vampire which I really liked. She was a wild girl for her times and met Eric on her way home.

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