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Blood Lines by Tanya Huff is the third book in her Blood Series.  A mummy priest Tawfik has risen from his sarcophagus in the Royal Ontario Museum and seeks to turn Toronto into a massive following for his god. Mike Celluci is the first to suspect that a mummy is up and around. Now he just has to convince Vickie and Henry that he is telling the truth when there is no proof of a mummy ever being brought into the ROM.


I have to admit I was not expecting a mummy to be the antagonist for this book. It is interesting though.  Tawfik has a great influence of Henry even without meeting him first. Henry begins to dream of the sun. In vampire terms, that usually refers to suicide. It was weird seeing Henry be so vulnerable because  he is a vampire and he was afraid of his dreams and the sun. It absolutely humanizes Henry  because as the undead, he was afraid of dying which every human fears. He even conquers his fear like we humans conquer them, by facing them and through love.

The one thing I  did like about this book was Huff setting Mike Celluci as the one who pieces the puzzle together and believes that it is a mummy killing people. In the previous books, he has been a non-believer and struggling to accept that supernatural creatures exist yet he is confident that a mummy is the culprit. This time around, Vickie and Henry have a hard time believing a mummy is around.

One part that was difficult to read was Vickie’s incarceration in a mental hospital. Let me explain first. Tawfik, of course,  gains control of the police department and important Parliament members. He knows that Mike and Vickie could stop him so he forces the police to put them in jail. Mike gets away but Vickie does not.  She is place in the hospital without her glasses and is labeled a “skinbeef” which means that she molested/killed a little boy. She was abused by her roommates as well. So it was hard to read but well written.

Overall, it was a great book. The relationship between Vickie, Mike, and Henry is further complicate because both men have to work with each other to find Tawfik and stop him. Both men are becoming more obvious that they want more with Vickie than she wants to give them. The romance aspect of this book are the underlying problems but are never the sole driving force. The investigation of the mummy is.

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4.5 Fleur de lis
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