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I consider this my first official concert because UCR Heat have been free for me. I paid to see Emilie Autumn and it was so worth it. I love her and her stage acts plus the Crumpets.

Love the mask

The concert started with 4’ o Clock. Amazing song. I cannot recall all the songs in order but I just remember the ones I love. I remember Opheliac  was soon after that because that’s the first video on my camera. She took off her mask while singing this song.

I remember the performance for I Want My Innocence Back which is one of my favorite song. Love the magic trick she does. She has a scarf that turns to like a candy cane staff.

Of course, my true favorite song is 306 which is a great but creepy song. Love the lyrics. The creepy part yet extremely beautiful is the last three minutes of the song which is used to simulate the time it takes for a person to drown. Contessa’s aerial fabric dance was so beautiful. She builds up the suspense so wonderfully that when she falls, it is the most exciting part. This is really my favorite performance follow by I Want My Innocence Back.

The Art of Suicide, Mad Girl, Dead Is The New Alive, Liar, Thank God I’m Pretty and a few more songs are the songs she sung. Veronica did her feather dance and Captain Maggot did her hula hoop routine. It was a great concert. Emilie had such a great interaction with the crowd and the Crumpets.  One of the greatest moments there was when Captain Maggot crowd surf and she grabbed my hand. This wasn’t just I touched her, she literally grabbed my hand with a good grip. It was amazing. Plus, when a bra was thrown at Emilie, she took it with stride and laughed. She was amazing. I cannot repeat that word enough. She is amazing.