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Published in 1977

Bullet For A Star  is the first book in the Toby Peters Series by Stuart M. Kaminsky.  Hollywood Detective Toby Peters is attempting to get his life back on track when he is hired by Errol Flynn to deal with a blackmailer. Turns out the case is a lot more difficult to solve when bodies keep piling up around Peters.


I’m a huge fan of CSI and Kaminsky has written a few CSI books so well that I decided to check out his other series. Bullet For A Star is a great start to the Toby Peters series. Peters is portrayed as a tough-as-nail detective who I imagined has a scruffy voice.

The book is kept at a good pace and it’s an easy read that I could not put down. Read it in one sitting. Plus, it’s actually a good mystery and the ending is surprising. Kaminsky points out all the red herrings that could be the perpetrator – the wife, the husband, the lover. He leans you towards one of them and then bam! Not one of them did it, it was the butler. What! Did not see that coming. (This is just an analogy, there is no butler in the book).

Other than an awkward sex scene at the start of the book, it was a really great book. I love the descriptions of L.A  and the characters. And yes, Errol Flynn is an actual person; Flynn’s counter part not so much but he does killed in the book so he really cannot be based on actual person. Plus William Faulkner is in the book. Actually if you are a fan of classic Hollywood (40’s and 50’s), then some of the names do pop out. It’s  nice mix between realism and fantasy.

Worth Reading

4.5 -Worth Reading

I’m giving this a 4.5 because it was a great book that kept me entertain. And other than the awkward sex scene, I did not have a problem with the book.

22nd book in the 100+Reading Challenge