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Carrie by Stephen King. Carrie is outsider in her hometown and at the end of many jokes. All that is going to change when she begins to show signs of telekinesis. No more will she have people laugh at her.


I think it is safe to say almost everyone know what happens to Carrie and how the book ends. It really is an amazing book that I adore because Stephen King is one of my favorite authors.

What I love the most about this book is just the format. There is the story of Carrie that is constantly embellished by scientific reports about telekinesis and the autobiography of Sue Snell. Both sets of information just add to the understanding of the story of Carrie and the characters surrounding her. Not only that to they add to our understanding but also show the aftermath of Carrie and her destruction.  The movie never shows this; at least I do not think so but it has been awhile since I have seen it. It shows police reports and an investigation of the incident.

I love how blood frames this story. It starts with Carrie getting her first period which opens “Blood Sport” the first half of the book. And the second part of the book, “Prom Night” ends with Sue getting her period. The story was brought full circle with the girls getting her period. And Carrie caused the massacre after being showered with blood. Blood plays such an important part in this blood and it makes it really good. There is closure in the story of Carrie through blood.

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