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Of Sun and Moon  is the first book in the Midnight Guardian Series and the  debut novel of Bryna Butler. Being a Tooth fairy is not all cotton candy and fluff. Kiera has just learned that she is a tooth fairy and at war. To make matters worse, Kiera and Colby (best friend) are being dragged into a missing teenagers case that is just fairy related.


I love the cover of this book. It was actually one of the two reasons why I bought this book. The second being the subject; Tooth fairies being kick ass. The last time I saw a tooth fairy was when The Rock was playing one.  As funny as it is to see a grown man in a pink tutu,  tooth fairies are just not that exciting. Of Sun and Moon tears down this mentality.

The premise of the book is really great. We have Kiera who is a new tooth fairy and she is in charge, well, of a charge that is going to be a great benefit to humanity.  We have a seer as well. There is also Kiera’s best friend, Colby, who is protective of Kiera.  This is the first book so it’s more about knowing the characters than finding out about the storyline that is going to effect the future books. We know that an upcoming war between tooth fairies and their enemies is imminent. The driving storyline is the discovery of powers, what roles will they played in a war, and the disappearance of missing teenagers.

What I love about this book was the world-building  of it.  Butler creates a new way of seeing tooth fairies and their enemies. Before I thought tooth fairies  only had the fear humans. Turns out, the fairies have been at war with Mogdocs for a long time. The Mogdocs are actually from Atlantis and the re-invention of Atlantis is like nothing I have ever read before. It’s  really fantastic and unique.

One thing that I am not thrilled about was the fact that I could tell who the villain was right off the bat.  Butler tried to throw the readers off but it was just glaring at us. However, she definitely makes it up by throwing a twist that I was not expecting at all right at the end. The final battle has happens and we can expect Kiera to win because she is the hero.  Then bam, it’s a surprise; a character is not who you think and has a much more interesting  background. As a fan of opposites and the intention of this particular character, I’m rooting for this character. I know I am being vague but it is a great twist. If anyone spots it beforehand, please tell me because I want the clues.

Worth Reading

Worth Reading

20th book for the 100+ Reading Challenge

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