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It has taken me awhile to post about the concert. It was a fantastic night musically.  I saw three bands; The Dirtyheads, Travis McCoy, and Against Me (in that order).  They were all amazing.

The Dirtyheads  were the first to play. They were actually pretty good and had great interaction with the audience. Unfortunately since it has been a month, I cannot recall what songs they actually played besides “Lay Me Down.” I think the lead singer looks like Jay from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Travis McCoy was next and he was actually pretty cool. He dressed in layers so throughout his performance he would take off an article of clothing. Funny. My one problem was that the band took too many instrumentals break to let Travis talk. He talked…a lot.

Where McCoy talked too much, Against Me did not even say “Hello” and I think they said “Good night” or they simply finished and walked off the stage. I cannot recall. They put me off a little but I quickly forgot it because they had the best music energy. They were all over the stage and played fantastically (that’s a word, right?) Plus, they are one of my favorite bands.

As you can see, the Dirty Heads were the best band there. Perfect balance between communication with the audience and their music. Travis communicated too much and Against Me rarely communicated at all. I have way more pictures of Against Me than I do of anyone else. I really love them. Not great communicators but love them.