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The Blood That Bonds by Christopher Buecheler was published in 2009. Addicted to heroin Two is has stop looking for a way out of her miserable life. When she meets Theoron, her life changes dramatically. She becomes a vampire but her new life may not last with the type of luck she has.


This book had a great premise. A vampire falls for a heroin-addicted prostitute and tries to reform her so she could be his life mate. It works but the then it all falls apart (and the book falls apart towards the end as well). After all, this is a vampire romance tragedy.

I honestly did not like the name Two because it’s a number and I kept getting confused. I kept on misreading as “to” or “too.” I did not think of a person when I read “Two.” I like the character of Melissa who is another vampire. She is a schizophrenic vampire so she was interesting. Besides Melissa, there is Tori (a vampire who lost her mind and acts like a dog) and the creator all of the vampires mentioned here, Abraham.

Theoron has a great background story. He was a priest so he has a very philosophical mind. His ideas will make the reader frustrated or intrigued. For me, I was really interested because I love philosophy but I was disappointed that he was killed about 3/4 of the way in. After his death at the hands of Abraham, the book had a different feel.  It was not about a romance between vampires but an episode of Without A Trace with Two trying to reunite Tori with her family. The book should have ended with Theoron’s death but it kept going and it was Two who killed Abraham. She was practically human already when she killed one of the most powerful vampires by overdosing him with heroin (which is deadly for vampires).

Let’s backtrack a little bit. Different types of vampires exist in this world. There are four types and they all do something unique to them. Theoron and his family are Eresh vampires and apparently, newly turned vampires have the ability to revert back to being human if their creator dies or if their transformation is not completed yet, I think. Theoron turned Two and he was killed so she reverted back to being human.

In the end, it is a good storyline and Theoron and Melissa are great vampires. Two loses her personality a bit. The idea of different types of vampires is intriguing and the weakness to heroin is a great concept. Buecheler’s concept of vampire abilities is really great. He is allowing newborn vampire the ability to revert back to being humans by choice or unfortunate circumstances. The story has multiple flashbacks that give us the background when we need it.

Worth Reading

Worth Reading

4 fleur de lis because besides the ending, it is a great book with good characters.

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19th book for the 100+ Reading Challenge