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50 Ways To Hex Your Lover  by Linda Wisdom is the first book in her Hex Series. Jazz the witch has a good life driving around supernatural being in a limo and eliminating curses. Unfortunately, when her on-and-off vampire lover comes back into her life asking for help, she rather not help him but she can’t stop herself from doing it.Vampires are going missing thanks to Clive Reeves, a former enemy of Jazz and she would love to get her hands on him. She just hopes she can do that without falling back into the arms of Nikolai.


Ever felt like you were dropped into a middle of a story and then expected to know the events prior? That’s what happens in this book. The main character Jazz, the witch, and vampire Nikolai have a love history that routinely plays into the story yet it’s just Wisdom telling us “They have history together” but it is not really explained how they got together other than they met in Venice and continually after that. It just seems their relationship is based on their previous experience which we do not know about and sex. I found it hard to care for them as a couple.

So the main characters leave you cold but the minor characters are interesting and hopefully will be explored in future books.  My favorite are the pair of animated bunny slippers called Puff and Fluff. They are so cute, eat-anything-in-its-path,-possibly-carnivorous slippers.  They even talk to each other…in gibberish. I love her roommate Krebs because he is a nerd or at least he appear to be one. I love nerds and he is a really nice guy that takes life in strides. Plus the ghost of Irma who died in the 1950’s in a Thunderbird car.

What I truly found lacking is the lack of background for the characters, the setting and the plot. I told you about Jazz and Nikolai but also the villain, Clive Reeves and what he did to Jazz or when for that matter. We know something bad happen (possible rape, draining of blood, beaten to near death) but it is just alluded to. Another question is how long to witches live  and how slowly to they age? Jazz has been around 700 years and does not seem to age normally.

The prologue also leaves question unanswered. Who did they curse and why? The point of a prologue is to establish a story/question that will be resolve later in the book but the prologue does not do that. It poses a question and the book does not relate to it.  The witches are banned yet their banishment does not seem to affect them much. Jazz can still use her magic, can access The Library, and talked to the witches’ council. Where is the punishment in that? I do not see what she is missing by being an outcast witch.

The book is slow to start with and most of it really has nothing to do with Clive Reeves but Jazz’s day-to-day life; her job as a curse removal expert, limo driver, and her sex exploits with Nick. I say one-fourth of the book is related to Clive Reeves as the enemy. The good thing is that it is an easy read, needless sex scenes, wonderful minor characters, sassy and independent witch Jazz and a gorgeous vampire who is Russian but has “Irish sea eyes.” And the ending is fantastic, I love the ending because it is a minor character that saves Jazz and Nick from being killed. Go minor characters.

Good but lacks spice

1st book in the Show Me The Free Reading Challenge. Obtained the book from Amazon.