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Well, I’m excited to be back and doing Rocking Saturday. This time around we have Valentine  starting off April. I do not know much about her except that she is German and has three albums out. I do know I really like the video for “Black Sheep” which is what sold me on her and make me look further into her music.The song is from her third album Love Like Gold. I love all the references to the fairytales-Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, Snow White and even some references that are not fairytales. When I see her in the water,  I see Ophelia from Hamlet; In the boat, maybe Lady Shallot from the poem. It is a really well done video. Interesting enough, her website says the video is about “a girl that threatens to slip into the red light district.” The lyrics match the theme but the video does not. What do you guys think?  I think I am a little distracted because I love the video visually, especially the red dress. The second video is from her debut album Ocean Full of Tears and the song has the same title. I love how the video is black and white yet has splashes of color.

Official website: Valentine (word of advice: The website is in German. I don’t speak German but thankfully Google does cause he translated it).