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Definitely Dead is the sixth book by Charlaine Harris in her Sookie Stackhouse Series. Sookie has to travel to New Orleans to collect her inheritance left by Hadley, her cousin and consort to the Queen of Louisiana.


This book, so far, is my least favorite book in the series and the entire time reading, I was spending my time being confused. The opening throws the reader off with the mentioning of Hadley’s inheritance in New Orleans. I was like what is going on. For a second, I thought I grabbed the wrong book of the shelf. I even double checked. No, this is the sixth book. Definitely confusing intro, middle, and end. It has an appropriate title.

So not only do I not know who Hadley is but Harris rushes in the introduction of many characters. Amelia (the witch), the court of Queen Sophie-Anne, the King of Arkansas Peter Threadgill and his assassin Jade Flower, and so on. Honestly, this is a very hard book to keep track of who is who in this book. Some characters appear in the early part of the book and do not reappear till almost the end. By that time, they are pretty much forgetful and have to be look up.

Remember Quinn the weretiger from the previous book? Well, he is sticking around long enough to be a boyfriend to Sookie and considering he is what we call an “event planner” for the supernatural community, he is also in New Orleans for the party of the Queen. I do not like him but that’s because I’m biased and I want Sookie to be with Eric. This guy jumps Sookie every opportunity he can. Totally not fond of that.

Ok, two more things. The actual plot that happens in New Orleans is overcomplicated and the way it is solved, leaves me feeling unsatisfied. The fact is that half of the book is not related to New Orleans. The other half is and if you split that into two half then one half is a witch calling an endoplasmic meeting with Hadley and the other half is a party massacre. Oh yeah. An important element, well it was supposed to be, is the missing bracelet of that queen. She needs to find it or she could start a war by not having it. The bracelet is found but the way it is found is baffling. Not the greatest consistency in the book. Last thing, that I did not like was the involvement of the Pelt family. Their daughter just tries to kill Sookie on multiple occasions. We know Sookie killed Debbie but the Pelt family does not. They are just going on a vendetta because Sookie dated Alcide. It is just not a great book that has a consistent story line. What I mean is the story plots and what new knowledge is bestowed upon us, we can make it work but we have to question it first, then accept it.

The one positive thing that I absolutely love is the relationship that Sookie has with Pam. I love them and they are hilarious. I’m going to spoil this but Pam sends a new bartender to meet Sookie and beg for her life. Why? Because all the bartenders have been killed around Sookie and Pam just thought it was hilarious to send her along. She was right. Love it. On a different note, I feel bad for Bill and the Bill incident as small as it is, it is something that we have to know.

3 Fleur de Lis – Good but lacks spice