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Dead As A Doornail is the fifth book in The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris. We all remember what happened to Jason in the last book and yes, he is werepanther now. Poor Jason just cannot get a break in life, first he was accused of murdering woman, turned against  his will into a panther and now, someone is shooting people from the shifter community around and in Bon Temps. And some shifters like to believe it is Jason’s doing. Fortunately, Sookie knows better and is determined to prove Jason is not shooter but someone else is.


It is great to be able to jump back into the Stackhouse Series. To be truthful, it took me so long to start reading it again because I knew I was not going to see Eric as much as in the previous book.  Sole reason I was reading the fourth book. Who is with me on this? And I was right. Sookie is definitely more popular in this book with all the men.

There is a lot of elements going on. One, the Pelt family are still looking for Debbie (it is a minor incident though). Two, Colonel Flood (the packmaster of Alcide) is killed and a new packmaster has to chosen. We get to see the process of how a packmaster  is elected and it’s not by voting. Three, Eric has a new bartender that looks like a pirate. Four, Tara is involved with a very difficult vampire. Five, the introduction of a new man for Sookie; Quinn,  a weretiger. Plus, the fairies are still around.

What I truly like about this book was the process of choosing a packmaster.  We have to figure that it was not going to be a voting election. They are werewolves, after all. The candidates still have to lobby their people to support them but the true decider is the three test. Agility, strength, and  a fight; whoever wins is the leader. Cannot forget that the winner also has to mate publically with a female. If a werewolf fight is not for you, then how about a showdown between vampires? We have one between Sookie, Eric, and Mickey, Tara’s vampire boyfriend/abuser.  It’s a good fight. What is great about Harris is that she puts Sookie in danger and has her be a strong and smart fighter. She may not be able to physically take on a vampire but she is smart enough to be able to hold them off until help arrives. Like with Mickey, she invited him into her house and rescinded the invitation when it became apparent that Eric was still down for the count. That’s a smart thing to remember when we are being attack by vampires. I admit, Eric was not much help in this fight.

I just realized that my summary is not making a dent in my review. Here is to fixing that. The shooter was not who I expected but I was not really thinking about who could it be. Some books are obvious about who the villain is but I think Harris does a nice job in not giving the shooter away and slowly giving out clues. Like the shooter is a not a vampire because a shot was fired in the day. Plus, the whole shooting incidents are overwhelmed by everything else that is going on. Sookie is not going to worry about a shooter when her house is burned down or when she is dealing with Tara’s abusive boyfriend.

Overall, it’s a great continuation of the series and I cannot wait to read the next book.