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Dark Reunion is the fourth book in The Vampire Diaries Series by L.J. Smith.

Published by Harper Teen in 2007

A new power is attacking Elena’s friends placing them in danger once again. It is up to Bonnie with her special psychic powers to figure exactly what is going on and how can Stefan, Damon, and Elena (from beyond the grave) help Bonnie and company fight back.


I finally had gotten over Elena and her lack of character development in two books and her redemption in Book 3 when Smith throws in Bonnie. I previously did not care about Bonnie in all three books and the moment she becomes a main character, I dislike her. Elena was annoying because of her superiority complex and now Bonnie because of her damsel-in-distress syndrome. For once, I wish a female protagonist can rescue herself even if she does get hurt in the process. Bonnie is useless in action and all she can really do is scream. As well as her complete idolization of Elena and constantly repeating how beautiful Elena was. It almost appears as she cannot define herself besides being a friend to Elena.

Speaking of Elena, how did she come back to life? I do not think Smith explained it properly or at all. The final battle is ongoing, Elena rises as a ghost to lead a ghost battalion against Klaus, the battalion takes Klaus possibly to hell and they leave. Wait, as the mist disappears, Elena appears on the ground alive. And that’s it. No explanation as to why or how she came back. Then again, I was bored by the end of  the book so she may have given an explanation but I just cannot recall. (I lent the book to a friend).

On a separate note, at the beginning we find out that Elena’s diary was donated to the museum/high school for everyone to read. I honestly did not think Elena was as great as Honoria Fell for her diary to be a gift for everyone. But I guess since she was a small town queen, she was deem as important as Honoria. Then again, most high schools honor people who died with a plaque or a memorial stone. Yet I doubt, the town would approve of donating a memorial piece to honor Vickie since her death was considerate a suicide but Elena suffers an accidental death and she is honor greatly. Unfortunately, biases do not disappear in death, in real life or this fictional world. Vickie was considered crazy, who wants to honor her?

One good redeeming idea in this book was the initiation to become a werewolf. Yes, the original werewolf was bitten but the ones that are born into the family, apparently have to prove their worth and spilled the blood of an innocent (according to Klaus). Whether it is true or not, can never be tell. I guess another good quality was the use of the summoning spell at the start of the book that was used to call Stefan back. It is a good portrayal of wicca if I can take the liberty and call it that.

You know, I’m so sorry that I just cannot seem to cut L.J. Smith a break for her writing. Or at least on this particular book series. It was a good ending for the series with the end of Book 3. Elena was redeemed, the triangle between Damon and Stefan played out the same way but the two brothers had closure which was more than Katherine could provide. This fourth addition just brought up more clichés and questions.