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I like April Fool’s Day. It’s a nice fun day that I’m always on the defense about.

I was going through my e-mail, when I read Sailor Moon: The Movie (Starring Lady Gaga) in the Tokyopop Newsletter and I was like what! I was excited about the prospect of a movie about Sailor Moon because it introduced me to anime. It may have a cheesy movie but who knows? There is even a picture of Lady Gaga as Sailor Moon. It’s exciting. Reading further down the article, it says Justin Bieber might be Tuxedo Mask. That’s when it hit me. It’s a prank.  I checked the date and I was devastated. It’s not real.

The number two prank I fell for was Christina Aguilera To Sing for Goth Metal Band Nightwish? – Digg.

I thought she was going to record a duet with Annette but apparently, she is going to replace Annete. This isn’t as funny. The link above is actually is the just the quote and the actual article from where it was taken is not as funny. A duet is cool but a total replacement, No. This is an example of a prank taken too far cause it is not in good taste. Read the actual article here.