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The Fury is the third installment of L.J. Smith’s Vampire Dairies. Elena awakens as a vampire after her drowning incident. There is another power in her town and it’s causing havoc all around by controlling animals. Now, Elena and her friends have to find out who is this other Power and stop it before it’s too late.

Published by HarperCollins in 2010


I have to admit, I like this third book a lot better than the two previous books. My biggest issue has always been Elena and her character but in The Fury, I feel she develops her character more. I like her better as a vampire than I ever did as a human. Elena is more considerate of others and cares more about the living now that she isn’t one. She gains an in-depth perspective of who she is. She realizes she doesn’t need a multitude of people to love her but rather her true friends. Elena’s character grows and she does not appear as shallow as in the first book. She is more serious in her debate with Damon and Stefan.

I was surprised by who Alaric Saltzman was. I thought he was a vampire hunter but he turns out to be a parapsychology researcher. I gotta say that it makes his character less appealing because he is not a vampire hunter. It breaks my illusion that I established  in the second book of him being a bad guy or at least a pervert.

I think Katherine finally made her choice and her choice was Stefan. I think she was a great villain because she is the first actual villain in the series.


Book 1 and 2 didn’t really have a concise bad guy. Even though she was insane, I still like her character. She was a woman scorned by her lovers so why not kill her replacement. I’m glad her reasoning makes sense. She chose Stefan and she still tried to get Damon on her side. He was her second choice so I feel bad for Damon. The brothers have been feuding for a woman who made up her mind but didn’t say it. She toyed with them. That’s a great villain.

Overall, the pace of the book is the same, slow. Elena’s character grew so that was a plus. It’s the best out of the three books so far.