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What was meant to be a one-two week hiatus, turn into a month long disappearance from the blogging world.  I only made my new year’s resolution last two full months. I’m okay with that. Maybe next year, it will last three months. Is it sad not to have high expectations for blogging? I think a new goal should be whether I blog in the summer since I did not post a single posts other than for Vampyre Kisses. Yay for establishing a new goal.

So about March. The first two weeks was school and finals week. It was hell, I mean, I had to write the three essays for class which was why I took a break and immediately in the next week, I had to write another two essays (finals essays instead of exams) and study for my philosophy final. Done with that.  The last two weeks was spring break and I went underground by ignoring by computer. It was so much fun.

Here is the plan for April. I will backtrack into March and post what should have been posted. A review/story of UCR Heat and Emilie Autumn. She was amazing! And I have pictures too. Plus, I’ll tell you about my spring break because I saw Good Charlottte in concert and I went to the PBR Tournament in Fresno. And of course, the lovely San Francisco that was not as lovely because of the non-stop rain and wind. That was disappointing but it will be there in the summer when I get out of school. Boy, do I have plans for the summer.

April appears to like concerts but it likes books as well. I have the remaining Sookie Stackhouse Series so I was thinking about just finishing that series and moving on to the Morganville Series by Rachel Caine. I only have the first half of that series so I’m gonna go slow with it while I get the rest. Sounds like a plan to me.