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Published by Katherine Tegen Books in 2005

Vampire Kisses 2: Kissing Coffins is the second book by Ellen Schreiber in her Vampire Kisses series. Raven is on the search for Alexander and Jameson in “Hipsterville.” As she searches for them, she meets Jagger and she isn’t sure if he is a vampire or a wannabe. All she knows, he is looking for Alexander as well but Jagger doesn’t seem friendly. Only meeting with Alexander will solve his problems with Jagger and establish where his relationship with Raven is going.


This was  good continuation of the first book but I found one section unrealistic and comical. Raven wants a fake ID to get into the Coffin Club so she goes to her brother who takes her to an eleven-year old Henry that makes a her a fake ID. And his working place is the middle school. I was like “What?”  I would believe this if he was a couple of years older, maybe fifteen but eleven, for me, it’s too young. Other than that, the book was okay.

I like how Raven actually thought of the positive and negative consequences of dating a vampire and possibly becoming a vampire. But as usual, she didn’t count to being able to see her family as a negative of being a vampire. I supposed it shouldn’t surprise me since so many heroines in vampire novels never count the family but I supposed  that also has to do with the fact that the heroines are teenagers and we all know how teenagers are. They are the center of the universe.

The ending was a nice cliff hanger. Makes me excited for the third book, now that Luna has been introduced. Wonder if she will stick around. I think she has had an interesting life. A vampire born as a human so I can’t wait to see how her character is developed in the third book. Overall, this was a good book.