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The Struggle by L.J. Smith is the second installment in her Vampire Dairies series. With Elena’s diary being stolen and random bits being reveal, she must find a way to retrieve before Stefan is truly blamed for the recent incidents in town. Adding to her troubles, Elena can’t seem to resist the attraction she is beginning to feel for Damon.


Now that ‘I’m over the entire Elena falls in love with Stefan for no reason, I’m still not sure if I like this series. This feels like a day-to-day story of a girl with feuding brothers. There is no great moment of intensity even when Elena is drowning in her car. Actually,  I hadn’t even realized she was drowning and then she was. It actually reminds me of a Japanese play I read in class where I didn’t know I had finished reading it. I want to like this series because it is a series, it has multiple books but for me, it’s hard to like it. There really aren’t nerve-wrecking moments. The scene where Caroline was going to read Elena’s diary to the public was really disappointing. The book is building towards this moment; Elena, Bonnie, and Meredith break into Caroline’s house to find it, they stalk Caroline the day of the parade, if she reads it aloud, Stefan could be killed by an angry mob. There is so much riding on this public reading yet it passes like nothing. I think the only scene that was intense was when Elena and Aunt Judith are arguing about Stefan in front of Damon and Elena reveals she is engaged to Stefan. This little blow up was great.. On a positive note, I did like the fact the second book picks right where the first book left off. It felt like they should have been one book together instead of one. It’s an interesting feature. On a different note, I am creeped out by the teacher Alaric Saltzman. He was just asking personal questions and requesting his students call him by his first name as well as inviting his students to his home. He is just not the type of character that I would like to hang out with. He really didn’t have a major part in this book, so maybe in The Fury his true nature will come out.