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Code Geass is in my top five anime list. It is just so complex and gives you ideas to mull over. It really makes you think and I love it. I never really liked Shirly and Lelouch as a couple but I adore Lloyd and Milly as a couple. They are so different personalities wise but also alike. They like to hide behind these personas they have build to adapt to the world. Milly as an exuberant and cheerful person who has to fit in to restore honor to her family’s name.  Lloyd as an eccentric genius who lacks social skills so that he can get the job as a scientist done. Even without going deep into their mind, I just love them. I love nerds in general so Lloyd was always great in my book. I like to believe they are capable of getting the pretty girl who can see beyond their social awkwardness. Unfortunately, Milly did break it off with Lloyd but I like to think, they would have been great together. The Golden Girl with the Nerd.

Congruent by Any Unborn Child

One-shot insight into Milly’s and Lloyd’s character.

Where You End by Aeris Ultimavara

Milly’s insight as she wears the dress she got engaged in.

Rational by Edonil

Lloyd’s perspective when Milly calls off the wedding.