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Fallen by Lauren Kate was published in 2009. Luce Price has seen shadows most f her life but recently, things have taken a turn for the worse. After an unexplainable fire that leaves a person dead, Luce is sent to Swords and Cross, a reform school. There she meets Daniel Grigori, a boy she is attracted to; Cam, the one who is attracted to Luce; Arriane, a quirky troublemaker; and Penn, the only sane one.


I grabbed the book from the shelf because I absolutely love the cover. A beautiful black dress on a pale girl covering her face. It’s really tragic but it draws you in. I’m not in love with this book but I’m interested. I really like the concept of the fallen angels but I do wish Kate had explained more about why the supporting cast are fallen angels. It’s kinda assume Daniel is a fallen angel because he fell in love with a mortal. I had more fun reading about the Arriane and Penn than I did about Luce. What  I like was that even though Luce did fell completely head over heels for Daniel, Kate showed some goo qualities/reasons as to why Luce would like him. He smiled but he flipped her off; they had the swimming experience but he abandon here; he brought her flowers; he saved her from the bar fight.  It wasn’t like out of blue so I do appreciate that.  I think Luce needs to grow a backbone. Everything has a tendency to overwhelm her and she freaks out.  She is going to be stuck in a war, she needs to handle it and right now, she can’t. Kate set up Luce as a beautiful and intelligent person yet she doesn’t appear as such. She is fumbling around; she gets into a car to go the city to break off a friendship. If this doesn’t go right (and it didn’t), she could be stuck there with no way back. She doesn’t think things through. Kate can right  really good book, her writing is good. She had great red herrings involve in the plot. I initially thought Gabbe wasn’t a good person; turns out she was.  Cam was way too nice and you could slowly see him devolve. Miss Sophia, I like the librarian but she killed Penn. It was heartbreaking because I like these two characters. I can’t wait to read Torment and see if my unanswered questions are answered and see character improvement.