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The Awakening by L.J. Smith is the first book in her Vampire Diaries series. Written in 1991, it deals with the high school life of Elena Gilbert who has fallen in love with a vampire, Stefan Salvatore. Stefan has a brother, Damon, who is also a vampire and has taken an interest in Elena. Elena reminds the brothers of the woman they both fell in love with years ago and who made them into vampires.


I have never watch the The Vampire Diaries on the CW, I was on a different channel watching something else. I think it was repeats of Moonlight. I think Elena is the type I would love to hate if I really knew her. I found her to be superficial and really obsessive.  Her entire character revolves around the fact that she is really hot and she knows it plus her belief that no guy would ever reject her is really shallow. She cries at first when Stefan doesn’t pay attention to her. She claims right off the bat that she loves him and he hasn’t even truly spoken to her. To me, it’s really annoying when the main character falls completely head over heels for the other main character but more than that, there isn’t a reason for it yet. I understand some attraction is necessary for the story to move forwards but love-obsessive is not the way to go.  It’s my entire issue against this book. And Elena snooping through Stefan’s trunk when he didn’t want her touching anything in the room and they had just gotten together. I thought it was interesting to add diary segments of Elena but it didn’t really add to the book. The book is written in the third perspective but it solely focus on the main characters and what they immediately see or hear so it’s almost like being written in the first perspective. Another thing, I felt it was missing like a big antagonist or at least a threatening issue against Elena and Stefan. Yeah, Damon was there and he wanted Elena but he  wasn’t a problem until the very end. The book was really mellow; it feels like it’s happening day by day with no urgent need, even the end is anti-climatic. Hopefully, the second book might be better.