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Blood Trail by Tanya Huff is the second book in her Blood Books Series. This time around, Henry is the one who needs help from Private Investigator Vickie Nelson.Werewolves friends of Henry have been killed and it’s up to Vickie to find who and stop them from killing again. Only she can do it since the werewolves don’t trust many outside of the pack and even having Henry vouched for her, makes the job tricky.
­­I think it’s funny that if you have vampires, you must naturally assume werewolves will come into the picture eventually. Blood Trail does deal with werewolves but it makes me laugh to think of them as nudist people since when they are human, they are essentially with the minimum amount of clothing. I was a bit disturbed by Peter’s interest in his sister Rose when she goes into heat. It doesn’t make sense when they are humans but as werewolves, I guess it does make sense. They are inclined to follow their basic interest but the good thing is the family is aware of this situation and do handled it. I loved Daniel/Shadow’s character, he was so cute. This time, Vickie does have sex with Henry because sex and feeding are almost intertwine for him. It was quirky that she wears glasses the first time but cool.   Once again, the antagonist was well-developed, at least I think so. It was a religious old man but I certainly didn’t think he was the one killing the wers. Once his logic is reveal, you do understand why he would go ahead and kill them. In the very end, he does repent or at least feels guilty about doing so. He really thought he was doing the right thing  so it makes him appear sympathetic at the very end. On another note, I think Celluci ruined Vickie’s getaway with Henry by going to warn her about Henry’s past. I think this alone proves Celluci does care about Vickie more than he claims he does.  In the end, I did like this book although it was a bit disturbing.