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If I had checked my e-mail sooner, I would have find out that Catwoman was being played by Anne Hathaway in the third Batman move by Christopher Nolan. I wouldn’t have gone screaming to my roommate and her boyfriend that “Anne Hathaway is playing” and that’s all I got out since they finished with “Catwoman in the new Batman movie.” We were laughing for quite a bit after that. I’m really excited to see Hathaway as Catwoman and in general, I’m just happy to see Catwoman. She is my second favorite villain in Batman; the first will always be The Joker. He is so insane that he is wonderful. I’m wondering about Bane and what role he has to play. In any event, the Batman is fantastic and this movie, The Dark Knight Rising, will be fantastic as well. It also great that Christopher Nolan is going to direct the third movie. In the past, Batman’s director have only directed two before moving on. Tim Burton did Batman and Batman Returns; Joel Schumacher did Batman Forever and Batman and Robin I’m glad to see he stuck around for a third movie.