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Dead To The World by Charlaine Harris is the fourth book in her Sookie Stackhouse Series and it was published in 2004. Sookie finds herself taking care of an amnesiac Eric and trying to figure out who could do this to him. As it turns out, Eric is not the only being threaten but also the werewolf pack Alcide belongs to. Witches have move onto Shreveport and it’s up to the vampires and werewolves to stop them from gaining control.
I was waiting for this book. It had more of Eric than any of the three previous books combined. Harris has really created an interesting world where the readers learn more about unknown supes as the book series goes along. The witches were a nice touch and I’m glad she differentiated between witches and Wiccans. The introduction of the Fey/Fairies was also interesting especially how vampires can’t resist them. I can’t believe that Alcide went back to Debbie after what she did. It took Bill revealing what Debbie had done to him and Sookie for Alcide to “abjure” her. Plus, Eric shot Debbie when she tried to kill Sookie so good end for her. Poor Jason, his womanizing ways finally got to him and he might turn into a were-panther at the next full moon. This time around, I felt the conversation and scenes between the characters were much more entertaining; Claudine meeting Eric and his crew while they try to resist the calling of her blood, Jason setting up the deal with Pam on Sookie’s behalf, and Eric’s gift to Sookie. In many ways, Sookie knows Eric a lot better than she did Bill. Can’t wait to read the next book.