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Blood Prince by Tanya Huff was published in 1991 and is the first book in her Blood Book Series. Private investigator Vickie Nelson has her hands full when she agrees to hunt a vampire that has been killing people in Toronto. What she never expected to find was an actual vampire tracking down her “vampire.” Henry Fitzroy, and illegimate son of Henry VIII, is hunting a demon (Vickie’s vampire) that can summon a Demon Lord. Vickie and Henry must work together to stop the demon and prevent the world from being destroyed.
Initially, I was just looking for the Lifetime Vampire show as I called it when I discover the show was actually based on a book series. Of course, I had to read them and I really like the book. One of the things I like was the fact that Vickie didn’t sleep with Henry is the first book. It has almost become a staple for main characters to sleep with each other in the first book. The book was also written from the third-person perspective which I like. It gives you the perspective of the “villain” which can be interesting.  In this case, the villain was a nerd who summon the demon and the summoned demon who was planning his own summoning of another demon. If it was written in the first-person, we would have known this towards the end of the book instead of knowing this throughout the book.  I feel it adds more to the story knowing what antagonist knows and adds reasons behind his behavior. One thing, I felt Vickie’s relationship with Celluci was unhealthy. They argue most of the time and end up having sex on occasion. It reminded me of Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie. I like the flashbacks of Henry, revealing more about his past. At the beginning, I was a little put off by how fast Henry revealed what he was to Vickie. It was their first meeting, however, as I thought about how he explained his reasoning behind his revealment, it made sense. If she believe, good for both of them. If she didn’t, then he would kill her before she could tell someone. One last thing, I like how she created a red herring. I initially did believe it was a child vampire as Henry believe but then we did discover it was a demon.  Good misleadment. Overall, I like the book and will finish reading this series.