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Since January can tend to be a cold month, I figured why not go for a couple that can be cold at times? Try Tres and Esther from Trinity Blood. The cold part is on behalf of Tres and it’s not that he is a cold person so much as he’s a Killing Doll and doesn’t understand emotions. They are a strange couple but I really like them together. She feels a little too much, he can’t feel. Actually, I haven’t watch Trinity Blood in awhile but I like to think he does feel somewhat. Like in the anime, when he says he is out of bullets so he can’t kill Elise yet he turns right around and shoots the Methesulah. In the end, I love contradicting personalities romances and this fits.

Heart’s Apparatus One hot by Fallacy

Under The Vicinity of Mistletoe One shot by ValarSpawn

(It’s sorta a continuation of Heart’s Apparatus. Can be read together or alone)

Becoming Human

This is actually a story by Cat Alex that has yet to be completed but from the looks (and author’s statement) it will be done soon. About two more chapters. Since it’s not completed, you might have to wait a little bit to finish reading. However, it is worth the wait if you like Tres and Esther stories. (And when it’s done, I can delete this and state how awesome this story is completed even though it’s already awesome) .It’s a great story overall and one of the few that is actually multi-chapter. I recommend it.