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Club Dead by Charlaine Harris was published in 2003 and it’s the third installment of the Sookie Stackhouse Series. When another vampire goes missing, it’s Sookie to the rescue again. This time around, the missing vampire is one Sookie is desperate to save since it’s Bill, her vampire boyfriend. With the help of Eric’s contact, Mr. Alcide Herveaux aka werewolf, Sookie heads to Jackson, Mississippi in order to find Bill. But Bill was keeping secrets from Sookie such as his return to his former vampire lover, Lorena, and a secret mission only the Queen of Louisiana knows.


Sookie may not have many girl friends but she is not in short supply of men wanting her. I like this book but I did have a major issue with one scene and everything that happened afterwards. We’ll get to the later on. What I like about this book, the Eric scenes (yes, I’m biased towards him). Seriously,  what I like about it was how realistic Sookie’s pain was at being betrayed by the only man she had a relationship. It was very much like a yo-yo of love and hate but more importantly, she did want to find Bill even though he hurt her. Also the sexual tension between Alcide and Sookie was well-played but I like how it never really crossed the line between them. They were both heartbroken but they knew they needed to time to heal. Of course, Sookie kissing three different guys in one book may not seem like a great idea but she wasn’t attached to any of them so she was in her right to do so. What I cannot believe was how easy Lorena was killed by Sookie and how easy it was to escaped the house of Russell, the King of Mississippi. Well, maybe it wasn’t easy to kill Lorena but it sure seemed like it. This eventually leads to issue with the book. When Sookie and Bill escaped from Russell’s house, he is the trunk of a car. Later on, Sookie checks on him and gets pushed into the trunk by Debbie, Alcide’s ex-girlfriend. Of course, Bill being a vampire drinks from Sookie but also takes advantage of her sexually.It’s not graphic and there isn’t details but I don’t like it.  And Sookie is not mad about that but about the fact that he was going to leave her without saying goodbye and leave her money. It’s never brought up again and Sookie doesn’t try to compartmentalized what happened. To me, that is an issue because I don’t think a woman can just forget  a man came onto them without their permission even if she did like rough sex. I really don’t like this but I’m glad that she does officially break things up with Bill. I will give her leeway of her wishing Bill was still with her because the heart is involved. If you forget this scene, then the book is great. It shows the hardship of betrayal, rebounds, and moving on. Still the scene is present, and that takes down this book a few notches.