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I was planning on making a little snippet about Lacuna Coil as I have before for other bands. However, I believe they are well known in the music world that they don’t need an introduction. Other than Lacuna Coil is an Italian Metal band. Their latest album is Shallow Life. Since I’m not doing a Bio, I’ll mention when I first heard of them. It was their song Heaven’s A Lie that made me go look for more of their music. It was on MTV’s Headbanger Ball and I was actually just passing by the channel but I stopped when I heard her voice. I really like it because it was clear and I like her clothing. It was also the combination of a female and male voice that made want to look for them. In general, I think they are an amazing band and I hope that when I turned 38, I can look as good as Cristina Scabbia,

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