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Living Dead In Dallas by Charlaine Harris is a fantasy/vampire novel published in 2002 and is the second book of the Sookie Stackhouse series. This time around, Lafayette turns up dead at Merlotte and before Sookie can find out more information about who did it, she is sent to Dallas with Bill on Eric’s order. A vampire has gone missing and it’s up to Sookie to figure out where he is. Unfortunately, the Fellowship of the Sun, a radical anti-vampire group, is onto Sookie and want her for a special ceremony.


My Take:

I actually didn’t think Lafayette was going to be killed right off the bat considering he is still alive in True Blood but changes are always made to the TV series. That was a bit of a shock because I liked him.  I really like how the book was framed though. It started with the murder and then the murder was completely abandoned in favor of Dallas. When Dallas was done, the murder was at the front and it was solved eventually. A story within a story. In many ways, I feel the maenads incident was really downplay in the book and highlighted in the series. But this is not about their differences, it’s about the book. I like the fact Eric had more scenes in this book. I think what really got me was when Sookie goes to see Godfrey “meet the sun” and the scene was small but powerful in a way. Yes, he was not a great human when he was alive or a vampire but he still protected Sookie from being raped and that redeemed him a little bit. Plus, the dialogue they had when she was trapped in the basement was really great and brought up moral issues that we struggle with. Then there was the entire incident of Lafayette’s murder which dealt with a sex club in Bon Temps (the town is small, I didn’t imagine they could formed one) which led to Eric being dressed in a hot pink tank top and lycra leggings so he could accompany Sookie to the club. What a wonderful image of Eric. One thing I did notice was that Sookie doesn’t have female friends that she trusts with the truth or friends for that matter. Her entire life now revolves around Bill, Eric, and Sam (in a way). Tara isn’t one of her closest friends neither is Arlene. Her telepathic abilities could have something to do with that but still, a girl can’t always be alone. It’s a good book in the end and I can live with Sookie not having friends outside of work.