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Heat Wave by Richard Castle was published in 2009 and it’s a tie-in book with ABC series “Castle.” Detective Nikki Heat of New York had to investigated the murder of a real-estate agent that was keeping his failing empire a secret.  To make the case difficult, journalist Jameson Rook is allowed to tag along and study her as she solves the case.


My Take:

I absolutely love “Castle” on ABC but the book takes some warming up to. The book is great is you can get past the first fifty pages. Unfortunately, those pages felt long and drawn out which is surprising because the scenes are quickly switching. To me, it felt like speed reading.  What I really like is how Castle set up a variety of suspects to choose from and gave them good motives. Choose from the stripper-turn wife, a bookie, and a lawyer/money manager that hides too much information. His poker games were also included but it’s not like in the show. No teasing on Rook but rather the teasing happens with Nikki. It was a nice touch. The relationship between Rook and Heat is almost the same as in the TV show except for the fact they slept with each other. Plus, the sex was almost non-existent. It was implied by Heat’s language and the morning after conversation which is funny and the innuendos are obvious but still funny. One of the most intense parts of this book was when the Russian bodyguard broke into Heat’s apartment and tried to raped her. Of course, he didn’t get the chance to do so because Heat fought like hell and ironed his face in but the entire situation was just intense. And she was naked before the incident as well so add more layers of vulnerability. It was really well done, this battle of Heat getting away and being captured and getting away. It was really one of the best scenes in the book because Heat as vulnerable as she looked could properly defend herself and was not a victim of an overpowering Ruissian man. Again, fantastic book….just get past the first fifty pages.