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Last night, Scyfy Channel air the last five episodes of Caprica back to back. As exciting as it was, it was also bitterweet for me because I actually loved Caprica.  The show was meant to be prelude to Battlestar Galactica and unfortunately, not many people liked it because it required too much thinking on their half. I’m kidding. On some level, I’m not because Caprica deal with the questioning of religious ideas, morality and existence. And that is exactly why I like it. They dealt with topics that can be discussed in views of the world of Caprica but our world as well. Think about; religious terrosism, religious persecution based on the acts of a few radical individuals and our reliance in technology.

I will say that I have watch Battlestar Galactica at random times during it’s run. I never really keep up with it, just a few episodes now and then. Because of that, I never really got into the series.  I was always confused on what was happening. Now, I wished I had actually seen it but the good thing is that it’s our on DVD so I can buy at least the first season.

I really wished the Syfy channel had kept it and continue on for another season. Just to see how Clyons really organized. In Caprica’s last episode, Clarice Willow was preaching to the Cylons but I do wonder when the Clyons themselves began to think for themselves outside of their jobs and without the help of people. Not only that but how the world reacted to Daniel’s Ressuration progam and Zoe being an artificial being. And what happened to Tamara? Sam, her uncle, didn’t want her brought back to the real world so did she remain in New Caprica City? Who was the  girl in the Clyon Church? It may have been Zoe or Tamara but it skipped really fast over her or I just didn’t regesiter her appearance. I have to admit I was shock William Adama was killed considering I know he is the commander of  Battlestar Galactica. Apparently, he wasn’t the future commander but rather a second son of Joseph who was named William is. It totally threw me into a loop though. There are so many unaswered questions in regards to what happens in the next 50 years leading up to Battlestar Galactica for me. And I wish I had the answers. For now, I will settle with buying the DVD and fanfiction. Someone is bound to come up with a plausible story line that can appear to be a continuation of Caprica. Until then.