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Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris is a fantasy/vampire novel published in 2001. It deals with the life of Sookie Stackhouse in her average home of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Well, not so average since she can read minds and now that vampire Bill has moved into the neighborhood, not so quite anymore. He introduces to the night life that excites her world but may just get her killed.


My Take:

I will admit that I read the book after watching Season 1 of True Blood. I found out about this series during the whole Twilight debate so I was hesitant to read anything related to Twilight since I’m not a huge fan of it. But I was wrong, it was actually really good. The main character, Sookie, is actually well develop and not infatuated with Bill. She breaks it off with Bill when he hires someone to kill her grandfather who played with her as a child. It definitely says something about her. As bad as her experiences were, the fact that she didn’t want him killed, really makes her a strong person.  I found her to be independent as well. As much as Bill try to protect, he couldn’t, not even the bodyguard he brought (which I loved Bubba) could protect her because he drank from a drugged cat. In the end, she defended herself from the Rene and landed herself in the hospital. I also have to admit that I was expecting more of Eric in the book just like in the TV but no such luck. Still, gotta love the conversation about the psychic. My one problem with this is that Harris didn’t set up a red herring other Sookie’s brother, Jason. But the fact that their Grandmother is killed by the serial killer, makes me think Jason is not the killer. I just wished Sookie could have suspected somebody. I think True Blood did a better job of setting up Rene as the killer. In the end, I like this book and will read the rest of the series.