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For me, this is definitely the best movie in the franchise…so far. I saw it the day after it was release but I just hadn’t had time to write on it. Not going into depth because I have only seen it once and for me that was for entertainment. Second time, it’s for analysis.  Like I said before, only one scene with Snape was in the movie. I wasn’t too thrilled about that but everyone assures me Part 2 will have more of him. I know it will but still Alan Rickman as Severus Snape is amazing.

Spoiler Alert:

Just gonna mention a few scenes that I really like, nothing major. This is not an actual review of the movie, just what I like stated really ambiguously.

The scene where Hedwig dies is done much better in the movie. In the book, she dies helplessly in her cage while it falls to the ground.  In the movie, she dies defending Harry from a death eater. Normally, I’m a stickler to the books if the movie is based on them. Movies should be true to the book but in this case, the  changing of her death is something I can live with.

Any scene with Bellatrix is amazing. She is so crazy but very cool at the time. There are only two scene with her. The first; at the start with her enthusiasm to kill Harry and two; the torture scene of Hermione (before and after). Helena Bonham Carter plays Bellatrix so beautifully. She isn’t as cruel as in the book but still murderous.

What I really love about the movie was how the story of the three brothers was told. The silhouettes of the brothers and Death was casted in shades of black and brown which looks very beautifully done. Absolutely one of my favorite parts.

Can’t wait for Part 2. Imagine Bellatrix acting so insecure of herself  when it’s Hermione in reality.