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Is anyone else excited for Harry Potter on November 19? I believe the answer should leave me deaf. I’m certainly excited and I hope you are as well. In all honestly, I have seen the movies and I will always prefer the books to them. However, I do watch the movies because I love to see Serverus Snape on stage. I love Snape, even before I knew he was good. Like Dr. Chase Meridian says to Batman ” What is it about the wrong kind of guy? In grade school it was guys with earrings. College, motorcycles, leather jackets. Now, *oh*, black rubber.” Snape has always been portrayed as the bad guy and his downright snarky behavior and sayings only add to it yet it’s very exciting.

For me, he has always been the character that I wanted to figure it out.  Forget the Marauders, it doesn’t take a lot for a person to tease and bully others. It’s easy to do this. What is really interesting is the mind of the tortured, the abused, andthe bullied. Think about it, it takes a lot of energy to get up everyday and know you’ll be given dirty looks and harressed. We always say “It shouldn’t matter what other people say or do to you as long as you are you” yet it does. Did you know the feeling of ostracization is actually mapped in the brain as physical pain? Very true.  So it is people like Serverus Snape that we should try to understand and see what drives them, what motivates them to be a certain way or behave in a certain way. As a former victim of bullying, I can see why Snape became that way. Lonesome without someone being with you, it’s hard. Hell, I would probably be on a highly destructive path if hadn’t had a very good friend who i will call Angel because she was.

I could not see Snape taking another path other than the one he took. Simply because I know from personal experience that even if the people you are hanging out with are dangerous, they still talk to you, they may not accept you but they are there and that is what matters. Humans are not meant to be alone, we constantly strive for human contact and we don’t leave those that provide that comfort.  I believe Snape was saved by the death of Lily Potter because he does switch his life paths. However, it doesn’t stop him from being a bastard. The afflicted do turn out to be afflicters half of the time, the other half afflicted tend to save those afflicted. Aaron Hotchner from Criminal Minds say it better but it’s the same message.

To celebrate the release of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1, I’ll be posting more on Harry Potter. A trilogy on Serverus Snape (this is part 1 or maybe not)  and videos are certain. Everything else could be random. Perhaps an anti-Ron and Hermione pairing because I honestly do not see them together in real life.  We will just have to see.

(On a last note, I did tie in Serverus Snape and bullying together because I believe it did shape his life. And yes, bullying is never right and should always be stopped so help out if you can. )