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Maybe it’s me but I seem to like Diva better than Saya from Blood+. Don’t get me wrong, Saya has a good cause. Chiropterans are mindless creatures who kill humans just to kill them and those who survived turn into chiropterans. It’s a noble cause because she is fighting for humanity; she is one of the good guys yet I can’t help but not like her. She was filled with self-pity and she was very emo. Yes, she should feel bad that because she let Diva out of her tower, Diva proceeded to create a massacre. However, Saya shouldn’t take full responsibility for the massacre because the fact is the fault lies with Joel’s, Saya’s adoptive father and Amshel. Both of them kept Diva away from society and forced her to be a science experiment only Amshel treated her decently unlike Joel who did the experiments. Diva had no understanding of the world, all she wanted to do was hurt those who hurt her. Of course, she was extreme in punishment but that is expected of a person who is locked away like an animal.

Diva knew what she wanted, she wanted to have a family, and she accomplished that by having Riku’s children. She wanted to be a mother but Saya killed her before the babies could open their eyes. Nonetheless, Diva had her happiness for awhile. Unlike Saya, who doesn’t know what she wants. Every time, Saya just wants to stop Diva then Saya wants to be killed so no more queens could exist and the chiropterans would eventually die out. It seems like a noble idea but there are flaws to it. First off, Saya is really the one who can kill the chiropterans. Saya wants the bloodshed to stop but if she dies, more people of Red Shield are just gonna die because people can’t stop the chiropterans by themselves. A lot of bullets and much more blood will be wasted with Saya dead. Add to this, Saya’s guilt of Diva creating all the chiropterans. It seems Saya is all about cleaning up after Diva, so she should probably finish the job. Third of all, Saya should stay alive so she can teach Diva’s children to be different than Diva and herself. That to me is much noble than dying for your sister’s sin; by raising the children, Saya is making amend for Diva’s sins.

Saya was the good sister, there is no denying that and she was probably in the right. It doesn’t changed the fact that she spend most of the anime and manga crying over her sister’s doing and what was she gonna do. It was all about her pain and how she had to stop Diva. Never once did I see her consider what Diva could be going through or try to understand Diva. She was self-consuming and poor Hagi just had to listen to her whining. Diva wasn’t evil as much as never understood society. I don’t think Amshel ever wanted to humanize Diva because he was the mastermind behind the world domination plot. Nathan, Solomon, and Karl, they weren’t going to stand up to Amshel because they did join him for a reason and they were drawn to Diva. One way or another, Diva fulfill something that was missing with each of her Chevaliers. Diva had a proper role as a queen. She had her empire of Chevaliers that she actually help. Her Chevaliers came to her, not the other way around. She knew what she wanted and she obtain it in the end. She was the true queen.